Nevada Dispensary Association Responds to Concerns on Recent Reports of Vaping Illnesses

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LAS VEGAS – Sept 12, 2019 – The Nevada Dispensary Association (NDA), Nevada’s primary cannabis industry trade association, addresses recent reports of pulmonary illnesses caused by vaping. The NDA first expresses its condolences to those suffering from these serious conditions and to the family members of those that have passed away or have been impacted.  As the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) investigation is ongoing, the NDA affirms its ongoing commitment to promoting best practices and maintaining public health and safety as the industry’s first priority. The NDA fully supports studying and determining the cause of these health issues in an expedited and robust manner. Once the cause is determined, the NDA will fully support implementation of measures the CDC identifies as necessary to avoid vape-related pulmonary diseases.

The CDC has cautioned, “Regardless of the ongoing investigation, persons who use e-cigarette products should not buy these products off the street and should not modify e-cigarette products or add any substances that are not intended by the manufacturer.”[1]  The CDC also cautions persons to avoid “modifying e-cigarette products or adding any substances that are not intended by the manufacturer.”[2]

The NDA echoes the national Cannabis Trade Federation in:

  • Imploring cannabis consumers to avoid illegal market product (as the CDC has advised);
  • Committing to work with policymakers to investigate and eliminate the source of the reported pulmonary illnesses; and
  • Continuing to provide education on best practices and compliance with the strict regulatory framework.

Medical cannabis patients and adult use consumers should also be aware that they can request “certificates of analysis” at legal dispensaries which provide the results of quality assurance testing the products must pass.  Nevada has already passed strict testing standards as well as other safeguards to protect public safety, but the industry and policymakers must remain vigilant to ensure the testing and safety standards accurately detect and eliminate potentially dangerous substances. The NDA is committed to working with Nevada’s policymakers to continuously improve the accuracy of cannabis quality assurance testing. 

About the Nevada Dispensary Association

The Nevada Dispensary Association (NDA) is dedicated to developing and promoting the best practices among Nevada cannabis dispensaries as well as supporting the efforts of cannabis establishments to provide high quality, safe cannabis to Nevada’s consumers. The Nevada Dispensary Association represents 90 percent of dispensaries in Southern Nevada and more than 80 percent of dispensaries statewide. For more information, visit



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