About Us

by GVM

Welcome to Green View: Our exclusive publication devoted to the ‘Business of Cannabis’ Green View Magazine is an executive resource for business owners, investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, lobbyists, advocates, brand managers, and all those with an interest in cultivating this multi-billion dollar industry. Publishing six times a year, Green View will focus on in-depth coverage of the ever-evolving cannabis realm – exploring Branding, Education, Advocacy, Investment, and Innovation throughout North America, and globally.

The challenge with putting together a bimonthly cannabis publication is the whirlwind pace of change in the industry. No sooner does an entity appear on the scene than it has merged, or been sold, or rebranded, or even disappears. With legalization in Canada, and the state of regulatory flux in the U.S., we’ve recognized a demand for more North American content revolving around topics of cross-border expansion, investment, products, and services. But we’re not here to compete with the daily ‘Breaking News’ bytes making the circuit. You can get your buzz from non-stop scrolling on those eblasts… any day, all day.

At Green View, our goal is to increase awareness and transparency in the industry, and remove some of the gray area for executives interested in navigating this space. We found the best way to approach that is by talking directly with C-suite leaders from a wide spectrum of cannabis sectors, and sharing their hands-on knowledge and priceless insights. Our talented team of research directors and journalists delve into the history of an organization, current advocacy work, its role in the cannabis evolution (and revolution), overall mandate and vision, and forecasts for the future. And that becomes a feature story with substance and value.

Along with corporate profiles, each issue of Green View will cover hot topics, operational best practices, scientific innovations, education, trade shows/events, lobbyist activity, government relations, and the current landscape of federal and state / provincial legislation. The business of cannabis presented in engaging, full-length story format to read at your leisure. The world is moving so fast… we invite you to seize this opportunity to slow down and take in the view – the Green View. Enjoy.