Green View Magazine | December 2019

55 GREEN VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2019 education Photo by Nicole Honeywill via Unsplash Here’s Every Cannabis College Course You Can Take In The US And Canada By: Nicole Skrobin I t turns out if you’re interested in starting a career in the cannabis industry after graduation, you can jump on a path at many schools that’ll help you land a suitable position in the industry while giving you valuable experience. If you live in Canada or the U.S., there are various major cities that offer cannabis courses and programs. Keep reading to find out where you can study cannabis and get legitimate college credit for it. Employment Cannabis Boom in Canada Since Canada federally legalized cannabis in October 2018, the number of employment opportunities has significantly grown. In particular, according to Indeed Canada, openings for cannabis-oriented positions have tripled over the past year. So far though, Canada has roughly 150,000 workers within the cannabis industry. But according to chief science officer Roger Ferreira of Beleave Kannabis Corp (an Ontario-based cannabis company), there’s been a lack of experienced Canadian staff members. To meet demand, many Canadian colleges and universities have started offering cannabis courses to interested students, often at the urging of numerous cannabis companies. “Nearly a dozen colleges nationwide are adding or expanding courses designed to train the next generation of marijuana producers, often at the nudging of area employers,” reports the Washington Post.